About the Department

The Technical University of Denmark has an overall mission of developing and creating value using the natural sciences and the technical sciences to benefit society. In order to benefit society, it is not enough to create new technology. The technology must also be implemented in new products and processes. This requires an understanding of relevant frameworks at the individual, organisational and broader system level.

DTU Management Engineering is based on this underlying construct and the Department aims to develop and utilise new knowledge about Systems Analysis, Engineering Systems, Management Science, and Technology and Innovation Management to benefit society. In that way the Department contributes to knowledge based growth and welfare with focus on competitiveness, productivity, sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Research and education at DTU Management Engineering is carried out in close cooperation with international research environments and industrial and public partners.

The Department’s research is divided in six divisions and three centers with different disciplinary perspectives:

In addition to the divisions and centers above USEtox Center is hosted by the Department.

As regards education DTU Management Engineering contributes to DTU’s engineering educations with activities within the Department’s competences. The Department offers a broad range of courses and programmes at bachelor, Master’s and PhD levels. Moreover, we offer three continuous programmes. You can find more information about our education programmes here.

DTU Management Engineering has app. 400 employees consisting of academic staff, PhD students and technical and administrative staff. Furthermore, we employ a large number of external associate professors each term which contribute to making our education programmes relevant by including cases from the business sector. More than 20 % of our employees are from abroad and in all 38 different nationalities are represented at the Department. 

Contact information

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