10 SEP

Two best paper awards at the ARCOM 2018 conference

PhD student Nina Koch-Ørvad, Associate Professor Christian Thuesen and PhD student Sidsel Ernstsen from the Engineering Systems Division took home two awards from the...

07 AUG

UN and DTU collaborate on sustainable future

Through UNEP DTU Partnership, the United Nations is working with DTU for cleaner energy and climate-adapted sustainable development in developing countries.

Energy Climate adaption CO2 separation and CO2 storage
02 AUG

Automatic design system saves millions

Three years ago, it used to take Haldor Topsøe one week to design a customized solution for a customer. It can now be done in ten minutes.

Production and management
20 JUL

Engineering design and data science: Successful EuroTech collaboration with the...

How can data support and improve engineering design? Finding the answer(s) to this question was the goal of a three-year collaboration with the Engineering Systems Division...

25 JUN

Michael Hauschild honoured with EDANA LCA life time achievement award

Michael Hauschild , head of the Quantitative Sustainability Assessments division has received a great honour from the academic society in Society for Environmental Toxicology...

14 JUN

Co-creation to solve climate and energy challenges

Co-creation-methods and tools will be mapped systematically for the first time in a new EU project.

13 JUN

Mette Wier new Head of Management Engineering

Mette Wier is 57 years old and has an MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen, where she also got her PhD.

08 JUN

Petr Witz receives NISPACee Mzia Mikeladze Award

Petr Witz, a Postdoc at the DTU, Department of Management Engineering, Engineering Systems Division, has received the prestigious NISPACee Mzia Mikeladze Award for the...