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Transport Summit: Experience the most innovative solutions

Monday 14 May 18
by Tine Naja Berg, Jesper Spangsmark


Otto Anker Nielsen
DTU Management Engineering
+45 45 25 15 14

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Themes at Transport Summit 2018

  • Electric vehicles: Technical solutions

  • Future transport demand

  • Sustainable shipping

  • Smart cities—opportunities and challenges

  • Rethinking railways

  • Road safety
DTU opens its doors to a full-day Transport Summit under the heading ‘Rethinking Transportation’.

On 31 May, DTU invites all parties with interests in the transport and logistics sectors to participate in Transport Summit 2018 with discussion papers, panel debates, and presentations of the transport solutions of tomorrow.

DTU Provost, Rasmus Larsen, Danish Minister for Transport, Ole Birk Olesen, CEO and Head of Siemens’ Mobility Management Business Unit, Michael Peter, and Director of the City of Stockholm Transportation Department, Jonas Eliasson, will kick off the summit by focusing on the need to develop and implement new and innovative transport solutions, thus introducing the overall theme for the rest of the day.

The background for not just focusing on development but also on the implementation of innovative solutions is not randomly chosen, explains Professor Otto Anker Nielsen, Director of Transport Summit at DTU. The need for solutions that are radical, ambitious, and realizable has—in fact—never been greater:

“Globalization, economic growth, and population growth mean that increasingly more goods and people need to be transported quickly, safely, and inexpensively throughout the world. If this is to be in any way compatible with a sustainable future, we need not only to develop—but also implement—advanced technology and find new transport solutions—and the sooner the better. We’ll highlight this at this year’s Transport Summit under the heading ‘Rethinking Transportation’.

Main international trends
The rest of the day will focus on—among other issues—autonomous transport solutions, intelligent traffic systems, and the latest trends in automation, electromobility, public transport, traffic safety, maritime transport, logistics, and railtech.

There will be opportunities to listen to many international presenters from leading universities, the most innovative companies, and the central public authorities in this sector. Together with representatives from the largest Danish industry organizations, they will present the most important international trends and discuss the role and opportunities of research and industry in international developments in this field.

"True to tradition, the Transport Summit connects discussions and presentations with look-and-feel experiences."
Otto Anker Nielsen

The issues presented will include a discussion of behaviour in relation to sharing of cars and other means of transport when Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva from MIT takes the floor, while Todd Litman from the Viktoria Transport Policy Institute will present his take on how the autonomous transport solutions of tomorrow can be implemented.

Warwick Gooddall, Global Mobility Team Leader in Deloitte, will talk about smart mobility, and Y.J. Fischer from the American company Hyperloop One will explain how—in a few years—the company will introduce passenger transport through low-pressure tubes with a speed of over 1000 km/h—as smooth as trains and faster than aeroplanes.

In addition to speakers from internationally leading companies and research institutions, the Transport Summit offers the opportunity physically to experience the latest trends in the transport and logistics sectors:

“True to tradition, the Transport Summit connects discussions and presentations with look-and-feel experiences, where the solutions of tomorrow become concrete and present. This year, there will be an opportunity for demonstrations of smart mobility solutions, wind powered cars, self-propelled buses and cars, and much, much more in the demo square of the Transport Summit,” concludes Otto Anker Nielsen.