Smart Grid Transitions - System Solutions and Consumer Behavior in Buildings

The seminar will focus on central aspects of the transition to a smart electricity grid and flexible energy system, targeting two main themes:

  • Experiences from real-world demonstration projects (morning)
  • Consumer behaviour in relation to the energy consumption of buildings (afternoon)

Experts from research, civil society and industry are invited to address these themes in two main research blocks, separated by a site visit to PowerLabDK, hosted by the DTU Centre for Electric Power and Energy. This will provide the seminar participants a chance to get a unique preview of the future, flexible energy system.


A pamphlet on Smart Grid Transitions will be distributed for seminar participants to take home. It reviews recent Danish and International research and discusses current issues for the smart grid transition, with a focus on the role of consumers, among other topics, in an easy-to-read format.


The seminar is organised in collaboration with the CITIES and Flex4Res projects, and marks the conclusion of the project Participation in IEA-ISGAN Annex 7 Smart Grid Transitions (ISGAN). The ISGAN project enables and strengthens Danish participation in IEA-ISGAN Annex 7 and disseminates knowledge on smart grids to Danish stakeholders. ISGAN project partners are DTU Management Engineering, Danish Technological Institute, The Danish Ecological Council, and The Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance.  EUDP (Energiteknologisk Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram) supports the project.




There is no participant fee, but tickets are limited and will be given on a 'First come first serve basis'. Please register using the following link:


The deadline for registration is Sunday 20th August, and any questions can be directed at postdoc Rikke Brinkø at


ons 23 aug 17
9:30 - 16:00


DTU Management Engineering


DTU - Technical University of Denmark

Produktionstorvet (Building) 421, Auditorium 73, 2800 Kongens Lyngby