Petr Witz receives NISPACee Mzia Mikeladze Award

fredag 08 jun 18


Petr Witz
DTU Management
Petr Witz, a Postdoc at the DTU, Department of Management Engineering, Engineering Systems Division, has received the prestigious NISPACee Mzia Mikeladze Award for the best PhD thesis in the field of Public Administration and Management from the region of Central and Eastern Europe. After being presented with the diploma during the opening ceremony of the NISPACee conference 2018, Petr delivered an acceptance speech in which he described and promoted his current research project at the Engineering Systems Division, DTU Management Engineering.

The Mzia Mikeladze PhD Thesis Award is a highly prestigious recognition of outstanding young scholars by the network of institutes and schools of public administration in Central and Eastern Europe - NISPAcee.  The winner is announced during the annual NISPAcee conference and, in addition to a diploma, he/she receives a waiver of NISPAcee conference fees for three years. Petr’s thesis dealt with failure rates and failure/success factors in transport infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) across European countries and proposed new governance models to improve decision-making and the overall performance of PPP projects. A short summary of the dissertation is available on the conference website.