Marie Münster, DTU Management. Foto: DTU
26 AUG

Power-to-X: Smart collaboration across sectors and local public support can make...

Marie Münster, Professor of Energy System Modelling, to Energy Supply:  If Denmark is to become a leader in the production of green fuels, we must break down...

Energy Energy efficiency Energy production Energy systems Mathematical modelling
Photo: Khi Solar One South Africa, Shutterstock Nicole Macheroux-Denault
05 AUG

An action agenda for Africa’s electricity sector

A new policy article in Science outlines how to undertake the much-needed expansion and modernization of Africa’s electricity sector. The article highlights the crucial...

Energy Electricity supply
Maersk Line
23 JUN

Where are the empty containers going?

Containers without goods are moved around the world’s oceans in an expensive operation that places a heavy burden on the environment. With the help of DTU, Maersk...

Operations analysis
TDC NET, which connects Denmark via mobile networks and landlines, has 850 technician cars that drive 80,000 kilometers daily, equivalent to two full times around the Earth. The goal is to reduce it by 25 percent by 2025 using far more advanced automated transportation planning.
08 JUN

Artificial intelligence can significantly reduce company driving

Automated planning will help TDC NET's service cars reduce the number of kilometers driven by 25 percent. The solution will later be extended to others with a lot of company...

Computer calculations Data analysis Software and programming Mathematical modelling Statistics Transport behaviour Transport economy
10 MAY

Large EU project to create attractive green transport

An EU project will improve sustainable transport alternatives to the car by—for example—focusing on travellers’ preferences, making it easier to get from...

Transport and logistics Mobility Transport models Transport behaviour Transport economy
05 MAY

“Making nature’s value visible”

Two new professors in environmental economy aim to use behavioral insights to increase sustainability and to make nature’s value visible to policymakers.

Photo: Paul Munro
20 APR

Recycling electronic waste from solar devices in Kenya

A new research project at the UNEP DTU Partnership will help create better opportunities for collecting and recycling electronic waste from small solar PV systems in Kenya...

Environment and pollution Waste management
Lasse, Kristian, and Dan from the Grotesk Innovation startup. Photo: Kaare Schmidt
26 MAR

Mushroom turns waste into building materials

Building materials based on industrial waste and 'roots', known as mycellium, of edible mushrooms might become a tender for sustainable building materials. Three master...

Entrepreneurship Innovation and product development
25 MAR

Six factors that determine success when working from home

Are you suffering from corona fatigue and looking forward to coming back, or do you thrive on remote work? According to new research from DTU, six factors play an important...

Production and management
Foto: Project Lab
18 MAR

Project Lab receives DTU award for teaching development

The ability to work project-oriented is crucial for the engineers of the future. This is the view of the educators behind the project lab course portfolio, who want to...