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Research and Development

Research collaboration with DTU Management can take form in many ways:

  • PhD projects (Industrial PhD)

Industrial PhD projects are three-year research projects to which co-financing are given from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education (MVTU). The candidate will be employed at the company and typically spends 50 % of the time at the Department. The project must contain such research related content, so that it can lead to a PhD degree.  

  • Research syndicates

Research syndicates include a research related collaboration between several companies (typically 2-4) and the Department. The parties each pay 1/3 of the financing and MVTU pays 1/3. Projects must be applied for at The Danish Council for Strategic Research.

  • Innovation syndicates/contracts

Innovation syndicates/contracts (Center contracts) often include several companies, a GTS institute and a university (DTU Management). Financial support to the research must be applied for at MVTU.

  • Co-operation agreements/co-financed research/requested research

Co-operation agreements – there exists a broad spectrum of opportunities for research co-operation:

  • The company can co-finance research at the Institute on special agreements
  • The company can place employees in our research environments
  • The company can request for research, in other words pay for the specific job (requested research)