Danish Council on Climate Change

New DTU member of the Danish Council on Climate Change

Professor Marie Münster will join the Danish Council on Climate Change, where she will advise the government on energy and climate for the next four years.

Marie Münster. Photo: JJ Kommunikation.


The Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Lars Aagaard, will appoint three new members of the Danish Council on Climate Change when three sitting members resign on 1 March 2023.

The Council is an independent advisory expert body that advises the government on how to most effectively ensure the transition to a society with very low emissions of greenhouse gases while maintaining welfare and development. Every year, the Council assesses Denmark’s progress on meeting the national climate targets. In addition, the Danish Council on Climate Change contributes to the public debate on climate, prepares analyses, and makes recommendations for climate action.

Marie Münster is internationally recognized in her field. She’s among the 24 most published researchers in the world within modelling and analysis of energy systems and is regularly invited to conferences as a keynote speaker. Most recently, she has received the Agnes and Betsy Award from the Danish Society of Engineers for her contribution to solving two of our most important challenges: the green transition and gender equality.

Marie Münster contributes to the public debate through the media, e.g. interviews on radio and television.


Marie Münster

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