Green transportation

Safety and cohesion in public transport are key for passengers

A new study focusing on how passengers experience their overall journey shows that not only the means of transport, but also the surroundings at stations and the route to them are important.

Foto af to Movia-busser på vejen ved Flintholm station. På broen over vejen kører et metrotog.
Busses and metro at Flintholm Station. Photo: Gestur Gíslason


In addition to Danish public transport players and authorities, the EASIER project has also included similar partners in Sweden, Norway, and Germany, whose public transport system and climate are similar to those of Denmark.

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The transportation sector is emitting more and more CO2 from cars, trucks, planes and shipping. To reverse this trend, more of the known solutions and technologies need to come into play.

DTU is a leader in research and education in key technologies such as green electricity, green fuels, electrification of society and battery technology development.

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