Per Dannemand Andersen

Per Dannemand Andersen

Professor/Head of Division

DTU Management


Technical University of Denmark


Building 372, room 204

2800 Kongens Lyngby

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Keywords Technology foresight | Strategy and strategy processes in industrial sectors |

Since the mid-1990’s my research interests have focused on three areas: a) Technology foresight, b) Strategy and strategy processes in industrial sectors, and c) Innovation and research strategy in energy technologies.


Technology foresight: Together with colleagues and partners I have carried out technology foresight exercises on areas such as energy technologies, sensor technology, nano technology, and robotics & cognition but also industrial sectors such as agri-food and facilities management. Besides foresight as a practice my research interests have included development of methodologies for foresight and the position of foresight exercises within policy development processes. 


Strategy and strategy processes in industrial sectors – in particular sectors related to energy technologies such as wind energy and other renewable energy technologies: Since 1995 my interests has focused on goal oriented approach to strategies and participatory processes ensuring commitment from industry, academia, interest groupings and public authorities.


Innovation and research strategy in energy technologies: My interest stems back from my PhD thesis where I studied innovation processes in the Danish wind turbine industry. This lead to an interest in learning curves for energy technologies. Recently, my interests focus on different types of indicators for technological innovation in the energy technology sector.