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Søren Kristensen
Continuing education


DTU Management offers teaching from introductory to advanced courses/projects at BSc, MSc and PhD levels.  

The educational programmes at the Department have the general feature that emphasis is placed on securing high competences within specific work areas. Furthermore, the educational programmes ensure insight into adjacent fields which creates foundation for professionally integrated solutions. Therefore, students at DTU Management will often work in multidisciplinary projects and almost every project will be in cooperation with external partners such as companies, organisations or others.

The course selection at DTU Management runs from courses in sustainable energy to process engineering, planning, production, finance, management and innovation and sustainability. A common ground for most of the courses is the engineering approach where focus is on solving technological problems.

The educational programmes at DTU Management have their foundation within the core areas of the Department. However, many of our courses are relevant to other educations at DTU as they provide competences that enhance the educational standards. The programmes give insight into implementation, management and strategic development in e.g. public and private companies.