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  • DTU Management contributes actively to defining the latest trends within management, implementation and optimization of technology and technological processes. We use our knowledge to increase competition, productivity and sustainability in our society. To do this, we engage in continuing collaboration with:
    • Companies
    • Public institutions
    • Other universities and knowledge institutions

Why collaborate with us?
You get:

  • Access to the latest knowledge within the field of management of production, the usage of technology and process optimization
  • Strengthened your competitive position
  • An insight into thoughts about sustainability as part of the usage of technology and process optimization

Types of collaboration
Collaboration with us can take many forms. It can include collaboration in terms of solving a specific problem, guidance and help in decision making or student projects that will help optimize your company’s processes, usage of technology or resolving tasks.  

You can read more about collaboration here:

Research and Development
Industrial PhD
Student Thesis Collaboration
Public Sector Consultancy

How to collaborate
There are several ways as to how your company can collaborate with us:

  • Your company can co-finance research at our Department
  • Your company can place some of your employees in our research environments
  • Your company can request research, e.g. fully finance a specific task