Student Projects

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Student projects at DTU Management 

During their course of study, the students engage in many academic projects that often find their starting points in the tasks and problems in the business society. Approximately 110 final projects are completed a year and they typically have a duration of 6–12 months.

When collaborating with a student, a supervisor will be at disposal and your company is responsible for defining the project, e.g. data, participating in meetings during the course of the project and potentially implementing the results of the project. However, you decide to what extend your company will engage in the solution and the implementation.

There are many examples of companies that have achieved very good results by collaborating with a student.

What does a student project consist of?

Your company is the basis of the project when you decide to collaborate with a student. A student project will therefore often consist of a research question which is based on the company, a literature survey and compilation of information and an analysis. The project will subsequently be completed with a solution to the research question.

Possible subjects for a student project could for instance be the development of technologies, approaches/methods, improvements of products, planning and management etc. 

If the project has demonstrated innovative solutions/improvements, your company can arrange a development project at DTU Management. Members of the staff will then do the further development work.

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages your company can achieve by entering in a collaboration with a student you are welcome to contact study secretary Louise Kronborg on