DTU supports the work on reducing the GHG emissions from shipping

Monday 02 Dec 19


George Panagakos
DTU Management
+45 45 25 65 14

The research project MASSHIP has assessed the effectiveness of all operational indicators intended for benchmarking the carbon intensity of ships.

The results achieved so far were presented at a working group session of The International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London. The presentation concludes that the global approach of IMO is preferable to the regional one of the EU. 

MASSHIP is continuing its work on energy efficiency indicators to support the evidence-based policy dialogue on greening international shipping.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the UN agency responsible for the safety, security and pollution prevention of ships. You can read more about it here

MASSHIP, supported by the Orient’s Fund, is undertaken by the associate professor Michael Bruhn Barfod and researcher George Panagakos, while the MSc student Thiago Pessôa successfully drafted his thesis on the topic.