DTU management conducts excellent research in the intersection between management, technology and economics - in close cooperation with companies and public authorities.

In our research, we focus on the path to efficient and sustainable society. A key element is the role of technology and its interaction with industry, individuals, government, institutions and society as a whole.

Our research and teaching range from disciplines such as systems engineering, economics and psychology. It contributes to management and innovation in the private as well as the public sector.

We offer solutions across fields such as energy, health, food, transportation, logistics, construction and services. The research concerns decision support systems, organizational development, product and systems design, uncertainty and risk analysis, optimization, regulation and policy analysis

The department’s research is divided in four divisions: 


Management Science 



Furthermore, the department hosts a UN Collaborating Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable development. The UN DTU Partnership conducts research, policy analysis and advising on a global scale.