Climate policy

Flood in street

The goal of becoming a CO2-neutral society by 2050 requires a significant restructuring of our society. Political initiatives that can support a green transformation of our energy sector and reduce the consequences of climate change are crucial for this to succeed.

We research how information, regulation and financial instruments can shift companies and citizens' behaviour toward a greener and more sustainable direction and identify which societal barriers prevent this. Massive investments must be made in green technologies and new infrastructure. A prerequisite is developing methods to understand and increase citizens' acceptance and co-ownership of these investments.

Climate change elicits significant consequences for our society. We develop methods that map where damage occurs and which citizens, industries and financial institutions are affected. Furthermore, we identify which initiatives and policies should be implemented to limit climate events' socioeconomic consequences, such as floods and forest fires.

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Kirsten Halsnæs

Kirsten Halsnæs Professor Department of Technology, Management and Economics Phone: +45 46775112 Mobile: +45 22704112

Martin Drews

Martin Drews Senior scientist Department of Technology, Management and Economics Phone: +45 46775155 Mobile: +45 22863380