Digital Business

Smartphone and e-commerce

Digitalisation of private and public companies' value chains enables coherent and efficient planning resulting in gains for the individual company and reducing the strain on the climate, environment and resources.

However, many companies' processes today are still analogue; therefore, access to digital information across the value chain is not always available, particularly in real-time. Lack of digital information reduces the possibility of using advanced planning methods internally in individual companies and across the entire supply chain's many actors. However, in the coming years, significant digital maturation is expected.

Digitisation creates the necessary basis for, e.g., automation in the transport sector with the phasing in of fully or partially autonomous vehicles (cars, trucks, ships etc.), as well as possibilities for using advanced robots in the healthcare sector.

At DTU Management, we work to demonstrate the potential of increased digitalisation. Our research helps the companies exploit opportunities by using advanced methods to optimise operations and minimise strain on the climate, environment and resources.

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Allan Larsen

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