Energy markets


Efficient energy systems and markets are the main drivers towards a green transition. The future energy supply will depend on a large share of variable renewable energy sources, emphasising the need to encompass all energy service sectors and explore synergies to optimise efficiency and costs. 

To support this, we develop methods and energy system models to analyse future scenarios and potential pathways for a green energy transition. We also examine different infrastructures and technologies' role in future energy systems and effective energy policies, including power-to-X, green fuels and utilizstion of excess heat. Furthermore, we investigate electricity market design, which can guarantee both short-term economic efficiency and long-term supply security through investments in clean energy infrastructures and technologies. 

Energy demand must adapt to a variable supply of renewable energy sources. To this end, we analyse tariff and network regulations that can increase demand-side flexibility for better integration of fluctuating energy resources through just and cost-reflective consumer energy prices. We also study policies or interventions that help foster consumers’ behaviour towards improved energy efficiency and flexibility.

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