DTU Management Engineering at ITS World Congress

fredag 14 sep 18

DTU Management Engineering are represented at ITS World Congress with the Smart Mobility Center. The center is presenting together with Aalborg University and Lund University under the headline “Research That Defines The Future of Mobility”. The following is the from the official program  

Research That Defines The Future of Mobility
For the first time in the ITS World Congress, three prestigious Nordic Universities including Aalborg University (AAU), Technical University of Denmark(DTU) and Lund University (LU) will jointly  present their research activities towards future of safe, smart, and sustainable mobility at booth E-030. 
New ground breaking research and development projects over the topics of applications of Big Data in transport modelling, application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in transport demand and supply optimization, and advanced technologies for improving road safety, future of Mobility as a Service and autonomous mobility etc. will be presented.

You can register for the exhibition for free. 

Your registration code is: EXH_UNIVERSITY (Note that this code is valid until September 16th.)