Transportation Science

Sustainable, efficient and safe transport

Bikes on bridge

The transport sector is essential for society. We study transport behaviour and systems to find solutions for efficient design and regulation of the transport sector. 


In the Transportation Science Division, we focus on improving mobility in relation to the three main challenges within this sector: 1) climate and environment; 2) traffic congestion; 3) traffic safety. We put numbers on traffic effects and economic and societal effects using statistical analyses of transport behaviour. We conduct public sector consultancy for the Ministry of Transport and Housing and collaborate with transport companies and government agencies.


The division considers all levels within transport, from the modelling of local pedestrian flows and bicycle traffic to international flight transport. We study all transport modes within both passenger and freight transport. Our specific focus areas are green transport, electric cars and charging infrastructure, planning and optimisation of public transport and bicycle traffic. Our research places a special emphasis on human behaviour and we assess the socio-economic perspectives of transport, including policy instruments and welfare-centric economic appraisal of transport projects.


The internationally leading Transportation Science Division collaborates with similar partners worldwide. Our researchers have a background in mathematical modelling, machine learning and computer science, economics, psychology, and transport engineering. The myriad disciplines make them capable of resolving complex problems and finding solutions that require an interdisciplinary approach.


The Transportation Science Division is divided into four sections.


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