Climate and Energy Policy

We put numbers on sustainability

Earth seen from space

Sustainability is a key focus for companies, public authorities and society as a whole. We deliver research-based methods, instruments and decision support for the green transition. The division is at the international forefront within a range of key research fields.


Technological, political and societal initiatives are essential to the green transition. We offer research-based tools, models and analyses to companies and governments to support decision and policy making


The impact of climate change on society is an essential research area within the division. We provide knowledge concerning the societal consequences of both preventive measures and the effects of climate change, and how industry and households are affected.


The energy sector is the backbone of the green transition. We are researching the development of sustainable energy systems and how regulations and market designs can promote the transition in the best possible way. Research on energy infrastructure, sector coupling and renewable energy integration into energy systems are classic research areas. We conduct research in energy economics and examine topics such as the supply of windmills, incentives in business and private households, effects and distribution of subsidies and taxes, and barriers to conversion.

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